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To CoR members


Dear Member,

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting on all our constituency and obliging all of us to rethink how we work and live, in the present and in the future. We are all incredibly concerned by the present sanitary crisis and by the social and economic impact of the measures we are having to take to contain this pandemic.

The health crisis is another of the crises we need to face today, all three of them: health, economic and climate crisis need to be tackled simultaneously.

Despite the present challenges, the work on the Green Deal remains a key political objective for the CoR and other EU Institutions, a relevant reference to ensure that the post-pandemic recovery strategy is sustainable and future-proof. The current crisis could be considered as an opportunity to revamp the EU economy with a view to transition towards climate neutrality.

You may have all already noted that on the 4th of March the European Commission released a consultation on the Climate Pact, the instrument intended to ensure the involvement and active engagement of local and regional authorities, citizens and all relevant stakeholders in the Green Deal. Consequently, in order to ensure the appropriate involvement of the Local and Regional Authorities, the European Commission addressed a specific referral to the CoR, asking for an outlook opinion on the subject.

In my capacity as CoR rapporteur, I am honoured to lead this work on the Climate Pact on behalf of our institution and, despite the current health, economic and political challenges, I  persist on advancing with the engaged work and to aim at elaborating a comprehensive and ambitious opinion on this fundamental tool that will be guiding us in the coming years. To ensure this, I have tasked the ENVE secretariat to elaborate a dedicated questionnaire regarding the Climate Pact and the impact of the present crisis on your environmental priorities and on the potential UE mechanisms facilitating transition to the climate neutrality. I believe it will serve us as an excellent opportunity to gather your inputs and ideas, which will subsequently feed into the ongoing opinion on the subject.

This is why, while being fully aware of the critical situations you are all facing at the moment, I would like to kindly invite you to share your inputs and reply to the present survey and disseminate it  among your associated constituencies.

Together with my team, we are looking forward to receiving your valuable comments or inputs in writing at the following email address: by 31 May.

Yours sincerely,

Rafał Trzaskowski 




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